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Client register

  • How can I register with the Online Store?

    To register at the Decenio online store, you only need to access the “Create Account” menu in the upper right corner and fill in the requested information. From then on, your registration is active.

  • What are the advantages of having a registration in the Online Store?

    - Access your order history through the Login menu;

    - Save all your data and place the order faster;

    - Enjoy exclusive promotional campaigns for registered customers;

    - Possibility to create a Wishlist where you can save and manage your favorite items.

    - Possibility to manage stock alert notifications;

    - Consultation of your vouchers and vouchers; - Manage notifications and cookies.


  • How can I order products through the online store?

    To make a purchase just go to Select the item / s you want as well as the color and respective size. After adding the items to the cart, you must finalize the order: confirm the desired items, if you have any promotional code apply it and select the desired delivery method. If you are a registered customer, you can access via your email and password or, alternatively, through the different social networks: Facebook, LinkedIn or Google account. If you do not have a customer account, you may or may not choose to register or proceed with purchase without registration. Then confirm the delivery method, billing address and, if you choose, fill in the tax number. The last step is to select the payment method. In MB Way, Credit Card or Paypal methods you will be redirected to the payment page; if you choose Multibanco you will receive payment details, which must be completed within a maximum of three business days. 

  • What are the countries where I can buy and receive orders?

    There are approximately 100 countries to which we ship. The Online Store automatically recognizes the country from which you are accessing our website. To choose a different country, select the Change Country option in the footer on the right side.

  • How can I check the status of my order?

    To check the status of your order, you can access your customer account under Orders. On the day your order is shipped from our premises, you will receive a confirmation email. Upon receipt of this email, you are expected to receive your order on the next business day for deliveries in Portugal (Continental) and between two to three business days for deliveries in Madeira and the Azores. Deliveries to other countries may vary between two to seven business days.

  • Can I withdraw and / or change items in an order?

    No, after completing the order it is not possible to change or remove items.

  • Can I cancel an unpaid order?

    Yes, if you want to cancel an order that has not yet been paid you should contact the Online Department.

  • Where can I get the invoice for my order?

    After your order is fully billed, you can access your customer area and download the respective invoice.

  • I received out of stock information, what should I do?

    In the exceptional case of a stockout, and after receiving an email from the Online Department, you can choose to refund the amount paid for the item or to issue a voucher with the same amount. In the latter case, it will be sent to you immediately via email.

  • Is it possible to cancel a paid order?

    No. In this case, you must make a return through your customer area, up to 14 days after receipt of the order. You must then wait for a refund of the value of the item(s) purchased. For further information, please contact the Online Department.

  • Can I use taxfree when shopping online?

    No, it is not possible. We only provide Tax Free on products purchased in our physical stores where the customer must present the necessary documentation.

  • Can I place orders via telephone contact?

    No, the order must be placed through the online store, accessing We will be happy to assist in the purchase process, just contact the Online Department.

Orders' states

  • Payment

    It means that we wait for the payment to be confirmed in our system. As soon as it is received, the order goes to the "received" state.
  • In transit

    Your order has been delivered to the carrier. You will receive it the next business day. It may happen that you received it and the status is not yet updated.

  • Delivered

    It means that the order has already been delivered to you. It may happen that in your customer area it still does not appear in the “delivered” state, but if you access the options "return / exchange", the system places the order with the status "delivered".


  • What methods are available for payment of orders

    The methods available for payment are: ATM, MB Way, Credit Card and Paypal.

  • Is it possible to pay in cash or in physical store?

  • Is there an extra charge to the prices in force?

    No, the prices charged already contain VAT.

  • I cannot pay for my order, how do I proceed?

    If the payment method is Credit Card, make sure that you have 3DS active (a security measure that can be activated with your bank, where a code is sent via SMS to validate a payment). If you are unable to pay by any other method, please contact the Online Department.

    3D-Secure is an authentication system that provides even more security for online purchases using a debit or credit card. 3DS guarantees that an online payment is being made by the legitimate cardholder through the authentication method defined by your bank, usually a code sent by SMS (OTP) to be placed on the website or a confirmation request in your bank's APP, thus minimizing the risk of fraud and misuse. This service is mandatory as part of the entry into force of PSD2 – European Payment Services Directive, a European directive, which aims to align and reinforce security standards in online operations, through the mandatory 3DS for banks issuing cards. European Union. Banco de Portugal provides an infographic that shows in 3 steps how this strong authentication system helps keep your online purchases secure. For more information please contact your bank.


  • What delivery methods are available?

    In Portugal you can choose home delivery (normal or overnight), delivery in Pick Up DPD Points or delivery in Decenio physical store. In countries outside Portugal, shipments are made via the DPD carrier.

  • What are the delivery costs?

    Shipping to mainland Portugal is free. Shipping is free to Azores and Madeira on orders of € 74.90 or more. Shipping costs to countries outside Portugal vary depending on the destination, which you can check here.

  • How long does it take to deliver my order?

    Delivery times vary confirm the region (mainland Portugal and islands) and according to the country. Below, you have all the information:

    DestinationShipping costs (€)ReturnsExchangesDelivery Times * (average)
    Portugal (Continental)         
    Free            Free
    Free3 working days
    Portugal (Islands)         
    Free (orders over € 74.90); € 9 for lower orders        Free
    4 working days
    Spain (excl. islands)         
    FreeFree3 working days
    Other countries         
    Click here to access infoClick here to access infoNot available3 to 7 working days

    We warn that the delivery times always depend on the availability of the products. The values ​​presented correspond to average data achieved under normal circumstances. In periods of special campaigns these periods can be exceeded. Contact us for information about the delivery date of your order:

    Cuztomized items may undergo changes in shipping, compared to usual.

  • How can I track my order?

    After the order is shipped, we will communicate the tracking number (shipping number associated with the shipment). With the tracking number, you can follow in real time the status of your order through the footer of our website under Tracking Orders or through the respective carriers' websites.

  • I was wrong / I want to change the delivery address, how do I proceed?

    To change the address of your order you must wait for the receipt of the shipping email. It will contain a clickable link where you can change the address on the website of the respective carrier.

Exchanges and returns

  • How/when can I return a product?

    To return and / or change the size of a product you must access your customer area and fill out the form. There you can choose the refund, which will be made by the same payment method, by changing the size or by issuing a voucher. In the latter case, you can use the return amount for a future purchase.

  • How is my refund refunded?

    The refund of the return is always made using the same payment method as the original order.

  • I intend to exchange the item I received, how do I exchange it?

    The exchange is possible if it is just a change of size. You must complete the return form by accessing your customer area indicating the new size you want.

  • I received a defective product, how do I proceed?

    If you receive a product with a manufacturing defect, you should contact the Online Department. The procedure will be to return the item so that it can be replaced by one under the proper conditions.


  • What are our articles made of?

    Natural Fibers

    Natural fibers have their origin in nature. They fall into two groups, depending on whether they are of plant or animal origin.


    A vegetable fiber obtained from the linen plant. It is characterized by being a strong, flexible, resistant, and shiny fiber that absorbs moisture and perspiration. It tends to wrinkle easily.

    Soft, elastic and resistant fiber of plant origin with a high capacity to absorb moisture. It is the most commonly used fiber and is characterized by easy wrinkling.

    A soft and elastic natural fiber of animal origin. It is characterized by its thermal capacity to absorb or evaporate water, depending on the outside temperature, adapting to changes in body temperature.

    Soft and shiny fiber that originates from the larvae of the silkworm. It is the fiber with the best quality and appearance, characterized by being silky and soft to the touch, and by having a characteristic shine.

    Chemical fibers

    Chemical fibers are produced in chemical factories. If raw materials from nature are used, they are called man-made fibers; if they are made from petroleum derivatives, they are called synthetic fibers.


    Viscose or rayon is a soft-touch fiber with characteristics similar to cotton and with an appearance similar to wool or silk. It is characterized by being easily wrinkled and very absorbent. It tends to shrink due to its low strength. 

    A highly resistant synthetic fiber that does not wrinkle or shrink. It has multiple applications, either alone or blended with natural and chemical fibers. It is economical and dries quickly.


    Highly resistant and elastic synthetic fiber, also known as nylon. It deforms at high temperatures and does not absorb perspiration.


    A fiber used to give elasticity to the garments. It is also known by the name lycra and is usually mixed with other fibers.

  • How to take care of your Decenio clothes?

    Instructions for washing, using and preserving articles

    How to take care of your Decenio clothes:

    1. Wash white and light clothes separately from colored and/or dark;

    2. Natural fabrics such as wool or silk shrink when washed at high temperatures and become deformed when spun or lay out vertically. We recommend washing artificial and synthetic fabrics in warm water and ironing them at low temperature and inside out. Jeans should always be washed inside out and the temperature should not exceed 40ºC;

    3. Do not overfill the washing machine - overloading can cause clothes not to get clean properly;

    4. We recommend washing with neutral detergents, because they contain less bleaching agents;

    5. Wash your clothes inside out and it is better if you do it with liquid detergent and not powder or solid detergent;

    6. Use detergent and softener sparingly. Its overuse can cause the appearance of stains on the clothes;

    7. Avoid using the dryer - the fabrics wear out more easily and may deteriorate the color;

    8. High temperatures are harmful to the fabrics;

    9. When drying your garments outdoors, avoid direct sunlight;

    10. When ironing, start with the lowest temperature. In dark colors, iron the clothes inside out or when they are slightly damp.

    Laundry code



    Machine wash. The number (30º C, 40º C, 60º C, 95º C) indicates the maximum washing temperature.


    Machine wash using a normal programme with a short spin. The number (30º C, 40º C, 60º C, 95º C) indicates the maximum washing temperature.


    Handwash at 30ºC maximum. Do not rub or wring.


    Do not wash.

    Using bleach


    Bleach may be used.

    lejía no permitida

    Bleach must not be used.


    Planchado alta temperatura

    Hot iron: maximum 200ºC. Cotton, linen or viscose.

    Planchado temperatura media

    Medium iron: maximum 150ºC. Wool and polyester mixtures.

    Cool iron: maximum 110ºC. Natural silk, rayon, acetate or acrylic.

    No planchar

    Do not iron.

    Dry cleaning

    Información espacialistas en tintorería

    The letters (A, F, P) in the circles indicate the suitable product for each garment (information useful to dry cleaning specialists).

    No se puede lavar en seco

    Do not dry clean.



    Suitable for tumble drying.

    No secadora

    Not suitable for tumble drying.

    Secadora temperatura baja

    Tumble dry at a low temperature.

    Secadora temperatura normal

    Tumble dry at a normal temperature.