Terms and conditions

Decenio, represented by the company Herbrand SA, promotes and sells its own brand products on the website www.decenio.co

  • Terms and conditions

    When there are doubts as to the quality of the “Buyer's” final consumer or when orders do not respect the general conditions of sale presented here. These general terms and conditions of sale exclusively regulate the offer, acceptance of orders, transmission and shipments made through the website www.decenio.com.

    The "Buyer" must provide DECENIO with an email address, postal mail, or other data relating to another form of contact, which is correct and complete and accepts that DECENIO can contact him using these data, if deemed necessary.

    DECENIO reserves the right not to accept or cancel the order, even after automatic confirmation of the order, when doubts remain as to the quality of the “Buyer's” final consumer or the veracity of the information submitted.

    DECENIO may not process orders in the following cases:

    - Whenever there is not enough guarantee of good collection.

    - The product is no longer available (payments will be returned).

    - The billing information is not correct or verifiable.

    - The order is signaled by the automatic Security Systems as an incorrect order or an order susceptible to fraud.

    - Payment will not be received within 5 calendar days after acceptance of the order.

    - If there is evidence that the consumer is under the age of 18 or is not a final consumer.

    - If it is detectable that the price indicated in the Online Store is wrong.

    - If it is not possible to deliver the order to the respective address.

    - Orders are incomplete or incorrect.

    In these cases, DECENIO will inform, by email, the reasons why the sales contract was not made.

    By confirming the order details, you are accepting the general conditions of sale, as well as other conditions existing at www.decenio.com.

    Decenio owns the company's products until it has received full payment for all those products.