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Fascinating Capri

Capri is all about elegance and sensuality. This collection Spring Summer Decenio Mediterrano reflects the colors, the environment and of the mystic of Capri. Inspired by the bright colors of this island, the pallet of Man’s Collection is based on neutral tones like white, grey, and beige and on natural tones like the blue, yellow and coral. The ocean, the gastronomy and light of Capri are our inspiration for the coming summer days. The bold colors send a mysterious and elegant message keeping this Spring Summer Collection between modernity and classic. We highlight the shirts, the colorful polos and the fresh knit clothing. Every single one of these clothes is inspired by the island with the mediterranean tones print. The trousers follow the bold colors tendency and we emphasize the shorts because it perfectly reflects the mediterranean character of this collection. Inside of the collection essentials, the blazers mix the elegance and sophistication, through its texture and patterns. The accessories are crucial for any season. The soft scarfs, overcolored ties and classical belts are the perfect ending for the summer looks. Join us on this trip to Capri and let yourself dazzle with its magic.

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