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Dress to party season

Dress to party season Days of sunshine and blue skies - it's time to celebrate. With summer also comes the parties’ season, weddings and even more special occasions. The good mood of the sunny day’s demands versatile looks, with colours, elegant but comfortable. Through not only the classic style of suits, but also of a more daring style, you can combine shorts and blazers, polo shirts or linen shirts, shoes or sneakers. Accessories are essential, in mediterranean and rustic shades, they enrich any look. The perfect look is achieved by the personality we transmit through it. Risking in the combination of complements like scarves, quaint belts and escape to the conventional dress code make each look unique and it marks the individuality of each. The colour palette, inspired by the Southern Europe countries, reminds the sunset parties, the joy and enthusiasm of summer and happy days. Let yourself be inspired by this party atmosphere and celebrate with us the Mediterranean universe!

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