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The concept of SS20 #DECENIOALEXANDRAMOURA collection settle on Decenio’s pillars, since her mediterranic references to her classicism. From now on it has been worked on the deconstruction and the more conceptual side, the reinterpretation of classic pieces, the romantic and sport fusion, the classic with the urban, the sophistication with the underground. Alexandra, with her DNA, interprets all these codes and brings a new language to the collection. Classic blazers get a new life and all the silhouette turn in an oversized fit. Some dresses have their work concentrate on the chest and have different raw materials and volumetries. The deconstruction of sailor stripes is attended in many pieces. The opposite between the flow and the structure help in the contemporary silhouette. Textiles was carefully chosen from Decenio spoil. That was an option that, for Alexandra, made all sense, to construct a new image from something that is part of the brand history. To these textiles we added a technological textile that helped on the urban and contemporary construction side. Colors range between blue, orange and beige. For this collection it was created a print from an Alexandra Moura original photo, the image conveys a conceptual meaning, driving to sensations from who see it, a moment of light, sea, beach, modernity, blue, sport, common place, tranquility and sophistication. To this image we added the logo, in a deconstructed and “broken” way. From the repetition of this image, we built a patron that make presence in many pieces of the collection.


Original and cosmopolitan looks. Decenio wardrobe news in a more fashionable, younger and renewed version. A new contemporary concept just a click away.

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