Terms and Conditions


DECENIO, represented by Herbrand S.A., promotes and sells its own branded products at www.decenio.com.

"Buyer" refers to the individual acting/buying as an end consumer outside the scope of any business or profession. If you are not an "end consumer", please do not make purchases at www.decenio.com.

DECENIO reserves the right to not process orders registered at www.decenio.com in case of doubt that the "Buyer" is an end consumer, or when the orders do not comply with the general conditions of sales herein. These general terms and conditions of sale govern exclusively the supply, acceptance of orders, transmission and shipping via www.lionofporches.com.

The "Buyer" must provide DECENIO with an email address, postal address or any other correct and complete contact details, and accepts that DECENIO may contact him/her using those details, if deemed necessary.

DECENIO reserves the right to not accept or cancel an order, even after its automatic confirmation, in case of doubt that the "Buyer" is an end consumer, or about the truthfulness of the information provided.

DECENIO may not process orders under the following circumstances:

- Whenever there is insufficient guarantee of correct payment.

- The product is no longer available (payment is returned).

- The billing details are not correct or verifiable.

- The order is identified as being incorrect or potentially fraudulent by the automatic Security Systems.

- Payment is not received within 5 calendar days after the order is accepted.

- If there is evidence that the consumer is under 18 years old or is not an end consumer.

- If the price on the Online Store is found to be incorrect.

- If it is not possible to deliver the order at the relevant address.

- Orders are incomplete or incorrect.

In these cases, DECENIO will convey the reasons for not completing the sales agreement via email.

By confirming the order details, you are accepting the general conditions of sale and any other conditions at www.decenio.com.

Decenio retains ownership of the company's products until it has received full payment for said products.


For more information on How to Order, please see: FAQ/ How to order 


Product prices shown on the website are the final prices for sale to the consumer. Prices already include tax, if applicable. Prices are listed in euros or in the currency of the countries where products are electronically marketed.

Product prices shown on the website are subject to alteration. DECENIO reserves the right to change the prices without prior notice. The prices shown at the time of purchase are the prices applied to that purchase. 

For more information on Payment Methods, please see: FAQ/ Métodos de pagamento (link)

DECENIO takes no responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from the use of any other payment method or the incorrect use of the existent methods by the "Buyer".


At the time of delivery, the "Buyer" must check the packaging for potential damage. If the packaging shows substantial damage, the "Buyer" must not accept the order, which will then be returned. DECENIO shall return the amount paid for the order on reception and completion of the return process by the warehouse.

For more information on Deliveries, please see: FAQ/ Deliveries


For more information on Returns and Exchanges, please see: Purchase Guide / Return and Exchanges 

In case of partial or total stock rupture of the order or exchange request, DECENIO provides the customer the refund of the amount paid or the use of the value in credit for the purchase of another article(s).

DECENIO shall not be liable for any loss or damage resulting from the breach of stock by the "Buyer", or loss of the usufruct of the campaign in available at the rupture.


For more information on Vouchers and Promotional Codes, please see: Guia de Compras/ Vouchers e Códigos Promocionais (link)


These general conditions and all related ensuing conflicts, including validity of the conditions, website use or any purchase therein, shall be governed by Portuguese Law. In case of any deliency the customer can access the court “Tribunal Arbitral do Centro de Arbitragem de Conflitos do Vale do Ave” at the address Rua Alfredo Guimarães, 1, 4800-019, Guimarães, Portugal, with the phone number +351 253 422 410, fax number +351 253 422 411 or at www.triave.pt. Further information can be access in the “Portal do Consumidor” at www.consumidor.pt

DECENIO shall take no responsibility for damages to third-parties resulting from the use of any of our products. DECENIO shall take no responsibility for damages to the "Buyer" resulting from misuse of our products.

DECENIO shall take no responsibility for damages resulting from incorrect information on the website.

If the "Buyer" suffers damages resulting from serious neglect or wilful misconduct by DECENIO no limitation in this provision shall apply.

DECENIO may change the information contained in the "Terms & Conditions" at any time. The "Buyer" is subject to the principles and terms in effect at the time of his/her order, unless any alteration is required by law or the competent authority.

All trademarks, design, texts, documents, films, music, product names, any other material used on the website and any titles used therein are the property of DECENIO, and the user/consumer shall not use or reproduce said items for commercial purposes.


With decenio.com, your data are secure and completely protected.

To ensure the protection of your personal details, DECENIO created a set of security measures. By registering and/or purchasing online, users authorize the use of their personal details and any details provided during registration and/or online purchase.

DECENIO will only request essential information to process, ship and track orders.

This information will be saved and processed in order to customize the service provided and can, eventually, be used for communication purposes.

We guarantee that no personal details will be leased or sold to third-parties. Your data are confidential and will only be used by DECENIO or by the applicable carrier, excluding all situations arising from legal issues.

Customers may update their data or request cancellation of their registration by sending an email or letter to DECENIO.

Customers may inform us that they do not wish to receive our communications at any moment.

Even though we endeavour to implement all measures to ensure the protection of user details, DECENIO shall take no responsibility for acts not resulting from its own negligence. DECENIO reserves the right to alter its privacy policy, and will inform its customers if that should happen.


You can at any time, sending an e-mail to registos@decenio.com request an update, confirmation or removal of your personal data, in particular your phone number or your e-mail, of marketing or promotional campaigns communication. The removal and update data option in e-mails or newsletters campaigns could be found directly on the email or on the camping.